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Growing in Canada

As a High Chill region, Canada’s climate is ideal for producing summer fruit with mostly mid-summer ripening. Cultivated blueberry varieties grown in Canada are primarily the Northern Highbush-type that require distinct seasons and cold winters so that the blueberry plants go through a full winter dormancy.

Canada produces both fresh and processed blueberries, and growers primarily serve the markets of Canada, the US, and China. Well over 90% of Canada’s cultivated commercial blueberry crop is grown in British Columbia. British Columbia’s water and soils are some of the best in the world for growing blueberries.

Fall Creek® has proudly served growers of cultivated blueberries directly throughout Canada since the early 1980’s. Years ago we partnered with Sidhu Growers. Today, we serve Canada in an updated way. If you are interested in standard varieties such as Duke, Blue Ribbon, Draper, and Calypso, Harry Sidhu will be happy to assist you. For customers interested in the new varieties offered in the Fall Creek® Collection such as ArabellaBlue® 'FC14-062,' LoretoBlue™ 'FC11-118,' and LunaBlue® 'FC12-205,' Ranjeet Randhawa, Fall Creek's Grower Support Representative for British Columbia is available for inquiries and on-going support.

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Varieties For Canadian Growers

We conduct extensive trials and evaluations on the varieties offered in our portfolio. We do extensive research at our Oregon R&D facilities, which has similar growing conditions to British Columbia so Canadian growers receive great insights from our team of experts.

When we launch new varieties, our commitment is to openly and honestly share with growers what we know and what we don’t know. We also suggest growers trial the new varieties in their fields so you can make the best variety selection decisions.

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Contact US: Sales & Grower Support In Canada

In addition to plants, Fall Creek® can provide grower support including areas such as field planning, soil preparation, variety selection, planting advice, post planting care and more. We have decades of experience and a global grower support team collaborating with the world’s leading blueberry growers. We’ve learned a tremendous amount in that time and we’re happy to share it with our customers.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your plans and we’ll show you how Fall Creek® can support you in your blueberry projects.

Fall Creek® Sales & Grower Support in Canada
Ranjeet Randhawa, Grower Support, Fall Creek
Phone:  541-463-9287  |  Email

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