It’s amazing what can happen when people unite for positive change and the blueberry industry is stepping right up and to make the Blueberry Family Health Foundation a wonderful reality.  All of us at Fall Creek are very proud of this foundation and so grateful to those who have helped to shape this vision and the foundation.

The foundation has a lot of accomplishments to celebrate including the establishment of the foundation itself, generous gifts from Founding Partners and donors, the onboarding of a Board Of Directors, Executive Director and staff, its recently received 5013c non-profit status designation (all donations are tax deductible!), website launch and more.  The foundation’s first pilot programs targeting families will kick off in 2015 and will make a real difference in the lives of many.

We’ll continue to help share news from the foundation and invite you to visit the Blueberry Family Health Foundations website.  Watch the introductory video to learn more and please consider making a contribution or join us as an ambassador or volunteer.  Together we can all make a difference and end type 2 diabetes in children.

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