Blueberries Simplified

Blueberries can seem complicated but they're really not.  Whether you're a grower, nursery or retailer, we want to help demystify blueberries and make it easy for you to select the right varieties to maximize your sales and profits.

There are really four simple things to consider when selecting varieties:  1) Chill Hours 2) Zone 3) Plant Characteristics and 4) Early, Mid & Late Fruiting.  This section of our website will clarify the selection process so you focus on just the right variety mix. We call it Blueberries Simplied. We'll start here with Chill Hours:

#1 Chill Hours

We know the subject of “chill hours” raises lots of questions. It’s really quite simple. Certain varieties of plants need a specific length of time in dormancy in temperatures below 45 degrees to set fruit. Some blueberry varieties, mainly High Chill (Northern Highbush) varieties, need cooler winters to thrive. If you operate in a warmer climate such as California or Florida, Low Chill varieties (Southern Highbush) are likely your best bet. Look up the chill hours for your region online and then compare that number to our variety chart showing chill hours. Here’s a simple way to look at this:


Most “High Chill” Northern Highbush varieties require:                  800-1,000 Chill Hours

Most “Low Chill” Southern Highbush varieties require:                   150-800 Chill Hours


Once you know the chill areas for your region, you’ll know if you should select from the Northern or Southern Highbush family of varieties which are featured separately in our Variety Charts.