Welcome to Fall Creek Peru!


Peru is an emerging region for the commercial growing and distribution of blueberries to markets around the globe.  At Fall Creek, we are proud to be serving the fine growers of Peru from our new nursery in Peru. Federico Beltrán Molina, our sales representative in Peru, has years of experience working with the growers of his native country. He brings extensive expertise and tremendous integrity to the growers of Peru.

We also have an exceptional Fall Creek global technical team on the ground in Peru lead by Patricio Fernández Gutiérrez.  Patricio has worked with the world’s leading growers and has years of experience providing growing expertise and the latest market intelligence. It is one thing to have plants to offer.  It is quite another to have the depth of knowledge that Fall Creek has to offer growers in regard to site selection, ground preparation, variety selection and best practices in growing technologies – especially in a region such as Peru with vastly different challenges than many more traditional growing regions.

Premium plant quality is another primary reason why growers around the world trust Fall Creek.  When you buy a Fall Creek plant, rest assured that our plants are grown in state-of-the-art facilities with the highest level propagation and growing standards. We take careful measure to ensure plants that are true-to-type, disease-free and legally-propagated. All of our plants begin from tissue culture which is the optimum method for producing healthy, vigorous plants that offer the best performance and production in the field.

If blueberry growing in Peru is a part of your plan, we encourage you to talk to us early in the planning process.  Come visit our nursery. We are dedicated to supporting your bottom-line success. A properly planned and planted blueberry field is a valued asset that can last for decades.  We can bring industry and growing expertise, the latest technical insight and the best varieties to ensure you maximum returns.

For more information about our Fall Creek Mexico nursery or our varieties, products, grower support or plant availability, please contact: 

Ing. Federico Beltrán Molina  
Fall Creek Peru
Phone: +51-1-989-305-078