Fall Creek Gardener's Guide

A simple guide to successful gardening with blueberries.

At Fall Creek, we love sharing our expertise and passion for blueberries with home gardeners.  We're thrilled to announce the publication of our new book – A Gardener’s Guide To Blueberries!

This straightforward, non-technical guide to growing blueberries just about anywhere in the U.S. will have you picking your favorite berries in no time. Fall Creek’s A Gardener’s Guide To Blueberries will help ensure your success with these famously unfussy shrubs. With just a few simple tasks outlined in the book, you’ll soon be enjoying the abundant fruits of your minimal labors.

Our new guide is based on three decades of field-tested wisdom gleaned from our very own Brazelton family and our team of experts. In this 40-page, full-color guide, we’ll share our insight and enthusiasm for what we consider to be the perfect plant. The guide even offers sweet rewards for a job well done: Two treasured Brazelton family blueberry recipes.

So, whether you’re seeking tasty, sun-warmed berries for your country garden in the Northwest, or a stunning container plant for your condo patio in the Southeast, Fall Creek’s A Gardener’s Guide to Blueberries will surely make you a true blue fan of this most versatile plant.

Fall Creek’s A Gardener’s Guide To Blueberries

40 pages
4" wide x 6"
Full Color

Here are ways you can purchase your own copy:

  1. Stop by your local nursery or order from your favorite plant mail order company.
  2. Order a digital version for your e-reader for only $3.99 at: 



Barnes & Noble

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A NOTE TO HOME GARDENERS:  We regret that we don’t have staff available to respond to home gardening questions on the phone or by email. If you have more questions, please contact your local garden center or extension agents. They’re the experts in your area.