Brazelberries® are Fall Creek’s delicious, new line of ornamental berry plants that were developed to plant front and center in decorative pots right on your patio or in your landscape. This innovative brand will make berry growing easier and more accessible for all home gardeners while inspiring everyone to incorporate berry gardening into their healthy lifestyle.
All Brazelberries® varieties are self-pollinating and easy to grow.  The inaugural collection of berry varieties includes:
Raspberry Shortcake -  a revolutionary thornless, dwarf raspberry perfectly sized for patio containers.  This darling raspberry requires no trellising or staking.  Raspberry Shortcake's lush emerald green leaves will fill out a patio container and is perfect for kids with no thorns!
Peach Sorbet Blueberry - this compact blueberry has stunning year-round foliage colors ranging from vibrant peach and pink to lime and emerald green in the spring to a dramatic eggplant purple in the winter in cooler climates. Peach Sorbet is a beautiful accent plant to mix with other ornamentals and produces a nice crop of large blueberries mid-summer.
Jelly Bean Blueberry -  this cold-hardy compact little puffball of a blueberry offers elegant, rich green foliage with hues of red. For a small plant, Jelly Bean produces a sweet little bumper crop of large, delicious berries an dis a great little hedge or stand-alone plant and is wonderful in patio pots too.
Blueberry Glaze Blueberry - this fabulous little blueberry will remind you of a boxwood and can be sheared as such.  It's dark green, glossy leaves give this plant a richness and the mid-summer berries are small but packed with flavor.  Almost black when ripe, the blueberries of Blueberry Glaze pack a punch of antioxidants too. Plant as a sheared hedge or put in patio pots right outside your door!
Brazelberries® can be found at independent garden centers and some mass-merchant retailers.  We will continue to add new, variety innovations in the future as long as they meet our strict standards for being easy to grow, beautiful to look at and delicious. You can find a list of retailers here.  
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