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Low Chill

Sunshine Blue

For gardens from San Diego to Seattle, Sunshine Blue has it all. This semi-dwarf, versatile evergreen blueberry features showy hot pink flowers that fade to white in spring, yielding large crops of delicious berries. Sunshine Blue tolerates higher pH soils better than many other blueberries and it is self-pollinizing. The low chilling requirement of 150 hours makes it suitable for Southern California, but we find it is surprisingly cold-hardy and a wonderful addition to our patios and gardens here in the Pacific Northwest. Excellent for patio pots. 

USDA Hardiness Zones: 5-10

Public Variety

Berry Size:

Medium Medium Size
Primary Use: Container Plant
Fruit Qualities: Richly Sweet
Bush Habitat: Compact, Upright
Chilling Level: Low Chill
Ripening Season:  
Triangle Season Scale

Currently, Aurora is the latest ripening highbush in northern Europe. The quality of fruit is not always as good as mid- or early-season varieties, as it can be very acidic. However, for those growers who want to take advantage of the late market prices, it is a good option.
--Andrea Pergher
Technical Grower Support