• Polaris cluster

High Chill


Polaris, a half-high variety developed in Minnesota, is recommended where a cold-hardy, early ripening companion to Northblue or Chippewa is desired. The berries are aromatic and very sweet. For best pollination and fruit set, plant Polaris alongside other cold hardy varieties.

USDA Hardiness Zones: 3-8

Public Variety

Berry Size:

Medium Medium Size
Primary Use: Fresh
Fruit Qualities: Delicately Sweet
Bush Habitat: Compact, Upright
Chilling Level: High Chill
Ripening Season:  
Triangle Season Scale

Draper its a heavy producer of large, firm fruit. It requires very well drained, light soils to perform well. Draper does well in mid and high chill regions.
--Antonio A. Alamo
Breeding and R & D Manager