• Native star 090 h

High Chill

Native Star

We have selected this clone from Vaccinium ovatum huckleberry populations with superior landscape and fruiting characteristics. Year round deep green, glossy foliage, late summer dark burgundy fruit and upright compact growth to 6' make our Native Star Huckleberry an excellent choice for mass plantings or as specimen shrubs in full sun to dense shade.

USDA Hardiness Zones: 5-8

Public Variety

Berry Size:

Small Small Size
Primary Use: Landscape
Bush Habit: Compact, Upright
Chilling Level: High Chill
Ripening Season  
Triangle Season Scale

One of the best varieties for high adaptability to different climates, Legacy performs well in low, mid, and high chill areas where winters are not too cold. It is easy to grow and a heavy producer when it reaches a mature age. Fruit is medium-size with good flavor.
--Antonio A. Alamo
Breeding and R & D Manager